Wednesday, October 07, 2009

I'm gonna get you, sukkah

As all you members of the tribe know, it's Sukkot. All you gentiles, like me, you can Google this to understand what it means. You should know, after all, it all relates back to the first half of your book. Muslims too, since it relates to the first third of your book. Buddhists...well, you're off the hook here.

No really, go ahead and Google it. I'll wait here. (While I'm waiting, a question for the members of the tribe: have you ever wanted to have a get together with the Mormons so you would know what it feels like to be gentiles for a change?)

OK, you understand Sukkot now? Good.

We were going to go to a Sukkot Under the Stars dinner at 3B's school, which was unfortunately canceled due to low registration, so we've been studying up. We've also been studying just to keep up with 3B, who has been learning all about Sukkot and school and even built a sukkah with his classmates--OK, a piece of gauze littered with sticks, leaves and acorns strung over their Shabbat table in class, but still.

Turns out that's not all he's learning in school.

I've taken to counting in Spanish with him, mostly since I get bored with all the counting to ten we've been doing for everything. I know, bad dad, no biscuit, but hey, at least he can count from uno to diez now, right? The other day, 3B was showing off his Sukkot knowledge and we were counting something and I thought to ask him "How do you count in school?"

Mama helped him get started--I'm surrounded by smarty pants--but then 3B counted to 10 on his own in Hebrew. Great, so the kid is trilingual and I sometimes struggle with the one language I know...and I'm not getting smarter from day to day like he is.

If I'm going to stay ahead of him, we might have to take him out of school before the end of the year.

But seriously, I'm so happy because I've always known that my children would teach me more than I'd ever teach them. At last, he's teaching me something I can use when I take a vacation to Israel. Now he just needs to start making that money he's going to use to pay for my trip.

C'mon kid, ante up, nobody gets a free ride.

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  1. Hey 3B,

    Since well all know you’re obviously smart enough to hacking into daddy’s computer already, i’ve got some new numbers for you:

    Eins, zwei, drei...

    they’ll come in handy when you go check out Berlin’s awesome art/music scene.

  2. My dad always told me his most fervent wish was to be exceeded by his kids. Nice to know the whole "from generation to generation" thing is alive and well in your home.

    Thank you for yet another delightful read.

  3. Carmi, that's my wish too.