Friday, October 23, 2009

Lost in the laundry

  • Ticket stub to that concert--you left feeling like you could fly, and swearing that the friends with you would be with you forever.
  • That one tiny screw that you found by stepping on it. You weren't sure what it connected, and the day you figured it out, you realized that you had pocketed it and it was gone.
  • Your phone.
  • That one piece of food that could have been a cookie, a Clif bar or the crust of a PB&J that your child handed you. You'll never know exactly what it was, but you're sure it had something sticky and red in it.
  • All of your spare time.
  • A business card. The one from that guy who said he had a position for you that you were sure paid double what you're making now for half the work.
  • That piece of gum.
  • Your old shopping list and the receipt from that shopping trip. Good thing you wrote it on a fluorescent pink post-it because that makes it much easier to pick the shreds of it out of that load of darks.
  • The tail from your ass--but hey, at least it's fluffy now:

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  1. I've got to add - Chapstick. I think there are at least 6 tubes of it on top of our dryer.

  2. I hope Eeitz is happy to have his tail back, or at least less morose than usual.

  3. Jen, you've to to aim higher. Those mini tubes of Vaseline lip balm go much further.

    CAGirl, all he's said so far is, "Thanks for noticing me."

  4. All the money found in the laundry is mine... I think of it as my pay.

    Try washing crayons with brand new never been worn slacks. Those don't come out, especially after a trip in the dryer.

  5. What in the name of heaven is that thing?

  6. I guess you won’t be joining us for a game of pin the tail on the donkey then. Not when you can play all by your self!

  7. Elizabeth, around here we follow Eeyore's lead and call it "pin the tail on me."

  8. Thank your lucky stars there wasn't a Sharpie in there, too. When they lose their caps - and they inevitably do, from all that centrifugal force and water and heat and stuff - they can quickly rearrange the color palette of every piece of clothing in there.

    Been there. Loved this vignette.