Saturday, October 31, 2009

A rockin good Halloween

As noted by Zygote Daddy on Facebook--because really, who blogs anymore? that's so, like, 2007--going to a flu clinic on Halloween is sort of like going to Rocky Horror. Except, you know, the toddlers, the startling sobriety and the daylight.

Ours actually didn't have much daylight since it was drizzling rain the whole time we were waiting outside. When we were inside, it cleared up a little, of course.

And when we were inside is when the show converted from the Rocky Horror show to the horror show. Don't let 3B's smile here fool you...

In like Flynn...
...most of the time we spent in line was punctuated with 3B's cries, "I don't wanna flu shot!" When he wasn't coughing, that is. We did everything to distract him, but after awhile we'd I Spied every object in the zip code, so we just set our watches every five minutes when he cried out. Once we got into the gym, however, the volume and frequency went up, peaking with a wicked crying jag during the shot that not even a bag of Skittles could quell.

Then they told us that he'd have to get a booster shot, while he was still on my lap. You didn't think he was going to understand what you said?

But we all survived to trick or treat another day...or night. We took our little Typhoid Harry down to cough his way around the nice neighborhood next to ours. Judging by the crowds, we weren't the only candy poachers.

It was like a block party on several blocks--people standing in the streets, houses decorated, folks sitting on their stoops or in their driveways with cauldrons of candy.

Meeting the King, baby.

And they were handing out the good stuff too--3B scored mostly chocolate, although the first candy he wanted when we got home was the Sweet Tarts.

Perhaps we were blinded by the good candy, or just forgot that our big pirate and witch hats blocked the rain, but eventually Mama and I noticed that it was actually raining pretty hard, so we bundled up our little rock star and headed home.

One advantage of Halloween with a toddler is that after an hour, he's satisfied. Although Mama and I were tempted to go back and score some more chocolate...

See the children run as the sun goes down

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  1. Yeah I am not looking forward to that booster. The first time he had no idea a shot was coming, but the next time he will.

    And sounds like your trick or treat was more successful than ours since ZD had to carry our son the whole time since he seems to be coming down with whatever I had this week.

  2. 3B's anticipation was high this time because we'd already surprised him with the seasonal flu vaccine. He doesn't really trust us much around doctors anymore. We did the carry the boy in the hood last year, when not only was 3B sick, but his upper lip was a healing wound from all the snot and scratching...trick or treat, give us candy or the boy coughs on you!

  3. You get more candy when you bring the cute one along. When you go back out gor more chocolate, take little sister, and assure them it is for her. The stroller should have a rain cover of some kind.

  4. Did he get to watch kids coming out crying, so he could start anticipating way in advance? Did you get close enough to the kid before you that you could hear him scream as they stabbed him? (It's even better if you can pick up a little of the sucking sound as the needle pierces the flesh.)

    Glad you made it out alive.

  5. For some reason, he wasn't fazed by the screams of the other kids. But he made up for that with his reaction to the needle.