Friday, October 16, 2009

Some days you're the diaper, some days you're the pail

Mama: Why did you move the diaper pail into our room?

Papa: You don't like it there?

Mama: There's pros and cons. Why did you move it?

Papa: Well, the pros are that baby girl's changing table is in there, and she goes through approximately 1,200 diapers a day, so it's closest to the action. After changing her, we don't have to leave her on the changing table while we drop the diaper in the pail. In the middle of the night we don't have to open our door, which is right next to 3B's door, and make the dropoff in the old diaper pail location, which was also outside 3B's door, so we're less likely to wake him. Overall, it makes diaper changes faster because, really, who wants them to take any longer?

Mama: Those are all good reasons.

Papa: So what's the con?

Mama: It smells like shit.

Papa: Well, there is that.

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  1. We do struggle with the tidal wave of nappies at times. Being slobs, we've ended up with carrier bags on the end of the staircase banister which get carried out to distance litter bins at regular intervals (as our neighbour complained about the smell when we put them in our own wheelie bin, even when tied up in several payers of plastic, perfumed nappy bag etc etc)

  2. do both have valid points....

  3. JC says, Why don't we live closer to those people, they rock my toe socks!!