Monday, November 09, 2009

The first time

We all have those unique moments that we'll remember because they had never happened before. They are our firsts.

  • The first kiss.
  • The first time you made someone who you love laugh--uncontrollably until they couldn't breathe.
  • The first time you made someone who you love cry--gut-heaving sobs.
  • The first time you made it to the top.
  • The first time everyone was looking at you and you succeeded.
  • The first time you lost someone who you couldn't live without.
  • The first time you found someone who you couldn't live without.
  • The first time that you were first.
Many of the firsts we remember are events that come later in life, because so many of our actual firsts happen when we're too young to remember them, such as our first breath, our first meal and our first feeling of joy.

It's easy for us, as parents, to tell when certain of these happen, but harder to tell when others do. It's a nice confirmation, then, to see an outward sign of one of the good ones, like a smile, or a coo.

Just last week, our little jewel started cooing and smiling at us. There was no way for me to capture her first of either, especially since both were likely done to Mama or Grammy, but since that very first one, we've all had our first time seeing her coo or smile. And we've all, including 3B, been busy trying to do whatever she needs to do it again.

And some of us have been filming some of those moments, both to share with you and to ensure that we never forget.

As if any of us could ever forget that first smile.

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  1. You have two wonderful children. I am counting the days until March.

  2. Great soundtrack choice. Plenty of folks in the furniture industry will be delighted to see 3B hard at work, but it's wonderful to see the new girl's face light up when someone smiles at her.