Wednesday, November 04, 2009

Our baby Einstein

Last night I was bathing 3B and he was playing with his myriad bath toys when I heard him say, "First we need a hypothesis."

I sat up and watched what he was doing: balancing a shampoo bottle upside down on the edge of the tub.

As he set it up, he asked, "Do you think it will fall--yes or no?"

After the bottle toppled into the tub, I asked him if his hypothesis was proved true or false. "True--the bottle fell down."

All the credit for his smarts go, of course, to Mama, who's not only the brains of this outfit, but the one who's at home with him all day.

I couldn't be more proud or happy. At this rate, next spring he'll not only be able to calculate and file our taxes for us, but also work out our mortgage refinance.

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  1. Any excuse to play with the shampoo bottle will do. He sure uses some big words for a little guy.

  2. 3B is AWESOME!
    And Mama---if you're taking care of a baby & teaching 3B about things like formulating a hypothesis---well, YOU'RE AWESOME too!

  3. L-P: You know, of course, I can't claim any credit for his genius. I just like to brag about it as if I had something to do with it.