Thursday, November 19, 2009

Why we don't watch more TV

I admit that while I've been working through the evening, one of my greatest frustrations has been the storm outside--it's been so dense at times that it's prevented our dish from getting its signal from the satellite, meaning that I missed almost the entire Project Runway season finale runway show.

I know, I know, the pain I suffer, right?

It would be worse for me if I hadn't already gotten my fill of entertainment tonight from 3B, who not only painted me beautiful pictures today, but amused us all with stories and songs throughout the night.

And now "all" includes his sister, Jewel. Today, she was listening to and smiling at his antics for the first time. He responded by asking her to tell him a story. He and Mama stared at Jewel for a little while until she randomly cooed or grunted, and then 3B said to his sister, "And then what happened?"

She reciprocated by following him around the room with her eyes and lighting up any time he spoke or played a song. The interactions between them are the cutest communication I've ever seen. And so, really, when the satellite signal goes out, I'm not at all upset.

I can still see, in my mind's eye, my family talking, dancing, singing and laughing together. That's all the entertainment I need.

But, just in case you need something more, I give you excerpts from this evening's concert:

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  1. It really is cool the way siblings communicate. As far as the Project Runway finale goes, they'll probably replay it a thousand times. I won't spill the beans.

  2. The MM team enjoys the videos you post, Papa! Thanks from Tim and Co.

  3. BBM: The satellite came on in time to show the conclusion, of course. And yes, after MOTR, they reran it last night, so I could see the outfits on the runway as I was (still!) working. I wasn't a big fan of the back in black theme of Irina's collection, and I generally like Althea's and Carol Hannah's collections better, but that's why I'm not a designer.

    Rebecca: What? Are Tim's fingers broken? He can't type that himself? Tape a pencil to his nose, and have him peck out the message himself...peckerhead.

  4. I am glad you have plenty to do. I would hate for you to be bored and feel the need to climb on an airplane or two with those darling children and fly all over the country in search of turkey that you won't eat for excitement.

    I love the video, especially the quick segue when he needed more words.

  5. Yes. I'm afraid we're falling down on our lyrics lessons. Our next assignment is Pay My Money Down.

  6. Your kid is AWESOME.
    We just shot our first music video 2-3 nights ago.
    Hate to say it---but it was not nearly as rock-star-ish as 3B.

  7. L-P: Thanks. Your kid is awesome too. I'm sure your video will be as rock starish as any of ours, but with your own (and Gage's own) flair.