Saturday, January 23, 2010

Boring! Boots in bed and baby blues

3B has a new trick every day. Last week, one of them was the apathetic shoulder shrug that means something between "I don't know" and "I don't care." You know the one--it's the one you gave your parents when you were a world-weary teenager...

What do you want for breakfast?
Are you going to school today?
Would you like to have your own house where your friends could come live with you and party all the time?
One of his new tricks this week was to declare that anything unpalatable is "BORING!"
Do you want some breakfast?
Are you going to have fun at school today?
Do you want to get all hopped up on sugar cereals then go run around the soft playplace with all your friends until you pass out from exhaustion and a sugar crash?
My reaction?


Later this week, he wanted to go to bed with his boots on. Here's hoping he's not following in the footsteps of Governor Long.

And, of course, he continues his fascination with KISS. When I was changing out of my bike commute clothes and was down to my black bike tights and he jumped up and declared with great joy, "Daddy, you're KISS!"

Uh, sure. Minus the flashpots, the platform shoes, the guitar, the tongue and the kabuki makeup.

Never you mind about that last one, though. The next day, while Mama was putting Jewel down for her nap, 3B took care of that:

Rock and...wait just a minute here

As for Jewel, she kept on keepin' on, doing what she does best...batting her baby blues and stuffing everything she can get her hands on into her drooly maw:

Behind blue eyes

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  1. Dude, those are the best kid pix I've seen in some time. The first one, maybe, needs the story behind it to make it so perfect. But it is. The second . . . well, there's a reason everybody loves those baby blues.

    Thanks for a great Saturday uplift.

  2. That is pretty awesome Kiss makeup.

  3. MrJ: Glad you liked them.

    SAHD PDX: I can send him out your way to do your boys' makeup, if you'd like.

  4. Good to see the boy is branching out in vocabulary and artwork. He is so cute, because I am not the one explaining him, today. Has he cut his hair yet?