Sunday, January 03, 2010

Mmm...a big helping of crow for me!

Mom's greatest parenting advice to me came in a story she told on herself that began with this lesson

As a parent, I ate every word I had said about parenting before I became one.
She would then recount how she swore that she'd never use a pacifier...until she had to...or that she'd never use a child leash...until she had to...and so forth. She never did discuss what she had to do with me that she swore against--maybe tolerating my earrings, long before everybody started filling their faces with enough metal to extend wait times at airports by hours.

Wow, by writing that, I officially designated myself as a crotchety old man.

As for me, I couldn't really imagine how I could spend all day in my pajamas...until it happened. You know, it's supposed to be that we get up, enjoy a nutritious breakfast around the table while chatting, then get ready and head to the park to play catch and fly a kite. After that, we come home for a lovely lunch, followed perhaps by a nap for the kids while Mama and Papa do some chores around the house. The evening is filled with a lovely dinner, followed by a fun-filled bath time, a few stories and then, once the kids are in bed, a pleasant evening of relaxing pursuits for Mama and Papa.


So, I'm off to bed in the very same pajamas that I wore last night, this morning, through noon, this afternoon, and this evening. And it is in this state that I offer a mea culpa for anything I may have said previously about parenting, especially about parenting two children, especially about toddlers who won't nap and babies who won't sleep. Not only am I truly sorry for saying them, I'm hoping it gives me a rat's chance of unjinxing myself.

While I'm at it, I'd like to point out, before you do, that yes, this is another case when Mom was right.

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  1. You know it's funny but so far in my nearly 3 year journey as a parent, I've had to eat much of what I've said before. In fact, I'm doing discipline a lot differently than my parents so I'm content with that.

    BUT, it's early yet. Still plenty of time to screw things up... (#):)

  2. Yeah, I've had a lot of those pre-parenting beliefs fall by the wayside as well. But under no circumstances will I use a kid leash. That's a line that I shall not cross!


  3. Sorry I don't comment 'round these here parts much anymore. But I love you and your blog. Happy Delurking Day!

  4. Thanks. I know you're out there. And what can I really say...I don't post 'round these here parts much anymore. That's scheduled to change when Jewel starts sleeping better.

    She will start sleeping better someday, right?