Friday, March 05, 2010

Cats with thumbs

Living with a three-year-old is like living with a cat with thumbs.

Today, 3B called Mama out to the living room to show her that he had sprayed milk all over the couch.

To him, this was a thing of beauty.

He'd also managed to hit the entertainment center, floor, blankets and the West Wing second season box set. Perhaps that last was a commentary on how white the cast was.

Mama, who reacts better to these things than I do and therefore didn't instinctively exclaim, "Gah! What is this?!" She told 3B that while it looked nice, we try not to put food on the couch to keep bugs away. She's the good parent.

On the flip side, three days ago, 3B wrote his first word. OK, the word was "NO," and he was in time out when he did it, but still...Mama walked in and recognized it immediately. But, to ensure it wasn't the random product of 100 monkeys with chalk, she asked 3B what it was. He confirmed it...then started deconstructing and examining it..."Well, this is an 'a' and this line here is a..."

Jewel's been breaking things down too, like her bottom gums. As of yesterday, she had her first tooth, on her lower left.

While I'm always excited by any new developments, I know what comes shortly after teeth...and I'm not sure I'm ready for two cats with thumbs.

I'm working to make cancer history. Will you help me?

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  1. That's what happens when you feed them. They grow up. I am counting the days until I see them!

  2. Your wife must be a saint. I wish I had her patience and way of seeing beauty in those types of situations!

  3. Not the West Wing! ANYthing but The West Wing box set!