Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Screaming nights

Last night I was laying on the couch, flipping through Facebook and watching Castle when I heard screaming from one of our bedrooms. Mama and Jewel were in our room while 3B was in his room. We have a monitor camera in both rooms, but I had the monitor off since Mama was in with Jewel, and generally 3B sleeps soundly through the night.

I jumped off the couch, ran back and threw open the door to our bedroom. I didn't think that Mama wasn't aware of Jewel's screaming, just that she might need some help...and that I wanted to know what was going on.

But Mama and Jewel were both sound asleep.

I pivoted to my left, threw open 3B's door and ran to his bed. He was curled in the middle of his bed, screaming and sobbing, likely still asleep. One side of his body and face were flushed, and he responded to my questions and comfort with more screaming and sobbing. I rubbed his back, curled around him and just kept telling him that it was OK, that I was there, that I loved him, and so forth.

Quickly, Mama came in and we sandwiched 3B between us until he finally settled back into sleep, although I don't believe that he ever fully woke up while he was upset.

Our best guesses are that he overheated--which is why he was flushed on one side--and that he had a nightmare about plagues. Mama said that since learning the plague song, 3B's expressed fears of the plagues at random times throughout the day. He's also been expressing fear of getting new teeth.

This is likely the result of watching his sister get her first tooth, which either coincided with or caused a cold. I'm guessing from her rasping cough that she got the cold from me...but, in any case, she was pretty miserable for a few days there.

3B handled it well, tolerating the crying and coughing and general fussiness, but it obviously affected him. Jewel also handled it well, alternating crying, coughing and fussing with bouts of radiant delight, punctuated with beautiful smiles. Fortunately, her second tooth seems to be coming in much more easily.

In fact, as we've been having her sleep in her bassinet next to our bed rather than in our bed, she's been sleeping better--if better is defined as "for longer periods of time." Last night she went a whole four hours between feedings. Yes, we know that kids her age should be going close to twice that long, but we're happy for what progress we're making.

As for 3B's fear of teeth, it didn't help that he watched a Tigger and Pooh episode about Darby losing a tooth, but we've also explained that when his adult teeth come in, it won't hurt. Here's hoping that's the case...otherwise we're in for a lot of long nights of screaming.

I'm working to make cancer history. Will you help me?

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  1. He can ask cousin P about adult teeth erupting. We are growing molars, and I have not heard too much about pain.

  2. That would be a night terror. And yes they are not awake, but it is pretty horrible. Hawkes gets them in bouts. The best thing you can do is be near them, but do not wake them.

  3. CAGirl: We'll have to make sure that comes up while you're visiting.

    Drake: Yep. It is pretty horrible. But it passes.

  4. I hope you remember what your parents used to say, and if you don't I will remind you now... that whenever their kids (none of whom I know)were fussy, they would always blame teething. Yes this reached well into and beyond the teenage years.