Sunday, April 04, 2010

Where am I taking your money?

Are you wondering where I took your money? I took it across state lines and gave it to some kids I've never met.

Actually, not just some kids--some special kids. Like Declan.

I'm not sure how I first heard about Declan. It might have been from MetroDad, or maybe I just like to blame him for the good things I find online. Whoever first tipped me off about Declan's story, I've been following it ever since through the blog of his dad, Vampdaddy.

His story resonates with me on several levels:

  • my dad had a brain tumor
  • my son is similar to Declan in age
What moves me more than either of those, however, is the difference between their stories: Declan has survived.

This is due in large part to the work of the staff at the Dana Farber Cancer Institute. His care was delivered as part of a study they were performing--the kind of study you can help fund to support kids like Declan, and parents like his.

So far you, my six loyal readers, have contributed over $750 to support the work of Dana Farber, but it's going to take more than that for us to succeed in making cancer history. For me to ride my bike over 190 miles to fund studies like those that saved Declan, I need to raise $4,000, so please support me.

And, to be able to ride those 190 miles, I'll be training from now until August. Because I'm a parent of two, with a wife who works two full time jobs--consultant and parent--I'll be doing this primarily by bike commuting.

You can track my progress by following me on twitter, so you can see exactly where I'm taking your money every day, right up until I take it to Massachusetts and deliver it to Declan, who I'm planning to meet during the ride, along with Vampdaddy.

Now you know where your money is and where it's going, please consider asking a friend to help support my ride.

And, if you're the one of my six loyal readers who hasn't yet made a donation, please consider giving in to peer pressure and donating--c'mon, everybody's doing it.

I'm working to make cancer history. Will you help me?
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