Thursday, April 01, 2010

Where the hell's my money?

It's the question everyone's been asking since the first taxes were levied, since cable companies were allowed to become monopolies and since Mojo Nixon.

Recently some of you may have been asking that question about your donations--or donations you're going to make...and yes, I'm looking at you--to my ride to make cancer history, the Pan-Mass Challenge.

For those of you who have donated hard goods, it's easy to tell you where they went--the gear went straight onto my bike and has been helping me with my training ever since. The Clif bars have been going straight into my belly every time I ride, making my rides easier, my recovery faster and my training more effective.

For those of you who give--or who are about to give--money, it might seem a bit more opaque where that money goes, who it benefits and how. But let me tell you, it goes directly to aid people struggling with cancer. People like Cindy Hale, whose story begins like this

In May 2000, I was bald, skinny, and spent most days in the "mash unit," otherwise known as the Dana 1 infusion area, where they administered my cancer drugs. One day, a group of healthy, athletic-looking people walked through the infusion unit, trying not to stare at us. I longed to look like those folks. They reminded me of the old me.

Read Cindy's whole story.
To those of you who have already given so generously, thanks. And to those of you are about to donate--what are you waiting for?

Don't make me send Skid Roper over there with his washboard... donate today.

I'm working to make cancer history. Will you help me?

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