Saturday, May 08, 2010

A 1st that make you reach for a 5th

It's raining, I haven't showered in two days, and our daughter has her first ear infection and is teething. Happy Mother's Day Eve, right?

The rain isn't helping 3B, who really needs to get out and run around a playground, although he is enjoying watching cartoons with his Uncles D and FunkDaddie and D's two kitties...when they're not poaching his food from the coffee table.

No idea what the weather is like back home, where Mama and Jewel are, although I'm pretty sure the atmosphere is less gloomy than yesterday when, after being up until midnight-thirty babysitting our neighbor's two-year-old daughter while Jewel slept on her chest, Mama called to report the Jewel was listless, hardly smiling or eating, had a low-grade fever and gagged while eating during the night before.

A trip to the doctor revealed the ear infection that Mama and I suspected and confirmed as well as her tooth status. Mama was ahead of me remembering that the last time Jewel cut teeth it seemed like she had a cold, the flu or a raging case of the snots.

This time, however, she wasn't congested at least not up front, although there must have been some congestion for her to develop an ear infection. Interesting that she still got an infection even though she's moved from sweeping swaddled in our bed to unswaddled in her Pack N Play, mostly on her belly, in the last two weeks.

It was an easy transition, although she does still resist sleep for the first 15 minutes or so that she's in there. By the way, babies, what's up with that? I guess you're not the ones who are sleep deprived, but resisting sleep...that's as foreign a concept to me as resisting ice cream. Judging by our recent trip to the ice cream shop, however, Jewel already follows my thinking about frozen fat and sugar, so one hopes that she'll come around about sleep.

In the meantime, I guess I'll be glad that she's at least sleeping on her side, or with her head turned to the side, so only one ear was infected. Had she been swaddled on her back, the drainage could have gone back into both ears. The number of infections doesn't change anything for Mama and me in our treatment, but I'm glad for anything that ameliorates any of Jewel's discomfort.

As for me, I think I'm going to go hop in the shower to ameliorate some of this funk I've been developing over the last few days, running through playgrounds, subway trains and the Museum of Natural History with 3B and the Uncles.

I'm working to make cancer history. Will you help me?

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