Sunday, May 09, 2010

What I got

Got up.
Got a movie on the computer for 3B.
Got cereal for 3B and myself and yogurt drink for him and water for me.
Got coffee.
Got our dirty laundry into a bag and got that into our suitcase.
Got the snack bag and our carry on together.
Got 3B dressed.
Got the sheets off of our bed.
Got our bed folded back into a couch.
Got the garbage cans emptied.
Got dressed.
Got a few emails answered while 3B and Uncle FunkDaddie watched SpongeBob on the couch.
Got our bags all zipped up.
Got out the door and into the elevator.
Got downstairs and out onto the street.
Got through the wind and up the hill.
Got past the playground without 3B noticing and down into the subway.
Got the A train and the 1 train down to 34th street.
Got to the bus stop early.
Got some breakfast treats at the cafe.
Got our bags on the bus.
Got on the bus.
Got seats.
Got some movies on the computer for 3B.
Got some snacks for 3B.
Got off at a service center.
Got back on.
Got going again.
Got to Union Station.
Got to see Mama and Jewel.
Got in the car.
Got home.
Got all the bags and kids out of the car.
Got in the door and up the elevator.
Got down the hall and into our place.
Got to hold Jewel.
Got tired.
Got Mama's Mothers Day present and card out.
Got 3B to give them to her.
Got into it with 3B.
Got kicked in the nuts.
Got out of hand.
Got it together again.
Got a backache and more tired.
Got help from Mama.
Got to go to bed.

But what I've really got is...

I'm working to make cancer history. Will you help me?

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1 comment:

  1. What else you got?

    You got Giro coverage on Universal Sports, live and then with two repeats every day:

    So there's no excuse for sleep anymore, hombre.

    (Out here where the sun sets we get it free on standard digital broadcast TV, as a subchannel on the NBC feed. [Universal Sports is an NBC network.] If you don't have any way to pick up broadcast TV, and if it's not on cable, you may have to watch on the inner neck.)