Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Where was I?

I've gotten the question several times now: How was New York?

I suppose I've been distracted by other things, like the shin splints I brought back home with me, Jewel's teething, near total sleep deprivation, the letter from our condo management company threatening us with fines if we continue using our washer and dryer, and the bird that we thought was abandoned, but wasn't, then that we thought had flown the coop, but hadn't, which is still in residence on our balcony, crapping his happy little ass off wherever he goes.

But I digress...where was I? Oh yeah, New York...

Overall, NYC was great. For those who don't follow me on Twitter, the ride up on BoltBus was good. For the $100+ it saves me over the train, I'll be taking BoltBus from now on. The wifi's a bit limited--videos choke it off pretty well--and there's not an AC outlet at every seat, but it's possible to surf around and there are enough outlets for everyone on the bus, even if there's not one right at your seat.

Once we got there, 3B loved playing with his uncles...right up until his aunt arrived. (Full disclosure, these aren't blood uncles and aunts--the uncles are my best friends from childhood, and the aunt married into our "family.") Aunt A captivates 3B in a way that the three of us guys just couldn't seem to do...until he found out that we knew how to put Dora and SpongeBob on the TV.

Even though it meant he got to spend the night with Aunt A watching him (sleep), 3B was none too happy that I was heading out to see Iron Man 2 after he went to sleep. Eventually, however, he did collapse, and we headed out. Although we were superearly for the 12:01 a.m. showing, we were still stuck in the back corner of the theater. However, our location didn't diminish from the experience--especially since there were 237 speakers in the theater...all turned up to deafening levels. And, if you want to know how the movie was, my feelings are summed up in this review.

After that it was a weekend hanging with the boys, and hanging with the boys was better than any movie could be. However, staying up late is overrated when there's a 3-year-old in the house who wakes at 7 a.m. every day. The Museum of Natural History was good even if I had to carry a 44-pound boy through it--OK, "good" doesn't really approach how overwhelming the museum is. Mind-blowing and overwhelming come closer.

And I didn't carry 3B through the whole thing. There was the spiral ramp showing the history of the universe that he escaped up, sprinting away from all three of us boys, only to be thwarted by a closed door at the top. A nice lady let us in so we could hear Maya Angelou narrate the big bang, then walk back down the ramp, seeing what the universe was like without stars through to the present day.

I wasn't sure how much of it 3B was getting, but two days later, he did a pretty good job of explaining it all to Mama, so it's in there somewhere.

Then Uncle D had to leave to cover as an emergency replacement stage manager during tech week for a friend whose father is dying of cancer and took a sudden turn for the worse. Uncle FunkDaddie and I walked 3B out to the Cloisters--Uncle D lives in Washington Heights--which were much cooler than I thought they'd be.

In fact, I had no idea what they would be. The closest I'd ever gotten was walking Barky out through Fort Tryon park to a nice fenced dog park, which was lacking in religious imagery, artifacts and antique tapestries for some reason. For those of you with kids, fair warning that nothing in the Cloisters can be touched--with the exception of the floor--including fountains, columns, walls, etc.

3B survived, although he did hurl curses at a security guard who warned him against touching a 900-year old fountain. On the upside, it's close to two excellent playgrounds, and surrounded by a park with great paths to run on and that was the scene of battles...if you're into that kind of thing, which one of us was.

Any other questions?

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  1. Ahhhh. New York. I'm jealous.
    Iron Man 2? Gage is jealous.
    Being stuck at home with a teething infant who also has an ear infection AND watching the neighbor's kid? Nobody's jealous of Mama. {sorry.}

    What's the deal with the washer/dryer?

  2. Clean clothes are overrated. Can you just bathe wearing them and then hang them to dry later?