Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Can we beat cancer for $10? Yes, we can.

A coworker of mine recently apologized for donating to my ride in the Pan-Mass Challenge. We don't work closely together; in fact, she's in another department altogether, but we work on the same floor and follow each other on Twitter.

She'd seen one of my tweets about the ride and donated $10 that night. When I thanked her the next day, she apologized for not giving more.

But this isn't about everyone giving huge sums of money--this is about everyone pitching in and doing what they can. I, for example, can sit on my ass and spin my wheels all day long, and so that is what I am doing. Others can donate supplies, like my friends who handed off a bag of Clif bars in a mall in what seemed like a healthy parody of an illicit delivery.

And almost everyone can give some money--and that's what it really takes to beat cancer. Everyone has to do whatever they can to help, because those who are fighting cancer need to focus their energy and efforts on themselves, so the rest of us need to provide them with team support.

Part of that support means giving what you can--if it's $10 or $1000--and part of that means rallying the team. And, if you give $10, and then you tell four friends who each give $10, you've given $50. Think about it--if a friend were short on cash and asked you to spot them 10 bucks for lunch, you'd do it, without even thinking.

So why not ask some friends to spot a few kids who are fighting for their lives 10 bucks? Or 20? Or whatever they can give? ...after you've donated whatever you can give, that is.

You don't have to apologize, just donate today.

I'm working to make cancer history. Will you help me?

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