Friday, June 25, 2010

Looking way up with Jewel

On the same Thursday that we found another ear infection in Jewel, we found another tooth in her mouth--her second lower right tooth, for those of you keeping score at home. The next Sunday, we found an upper tooth--or so we thought. It's disappeared since then, but 3B's teeth would do that too.

The tooth would start to break through and then his gums would swell up over it for awhile. We were a bit confused until Grammy explained.

Although she's not quite walking yet, Jewel's been making strides in other areas. She's been randomly practicing her Queen of England wave--usually waving at passing cars while Mama walks her in her stroller--but now she's actually waving at appropriate times.

OK, so her hand is facing her and as soon as she starts opening and closing it she gets distracted--Look, a hand! My hand! I can raise it up! I have hair! Hair feels good! Ow, somebody just pulled my hair! Hey, look, a hand...--but still, she's waving now. And splashing when she's in the bath or the pool, where she loves to float on her back and look up at the trees and airplanes, having just discovered looking up--way up.

As I mentioned, she's also not walking yet, but she crawls just about faster than I can sprint across the room to a power cord or the door onto the balcony or the diaper pail, and she's cruising everywhere she can. Whenever she gets the notion, she also practices letting go and just standing on her own, which she can do for about 10 seconds at a time.

But she doesn't let go for too long when she's holding onto us. She loves to snuggle into our shoulders when we're holding her on our hip or on our laps reading her stories, or whenever she can. Yes, it's adorable. It's even cuter now that she's mostly stopped lifting up her head, opening her mouth and playing Cujo on our clavicles with her new choppers.

The most important developmental milestone, however, was reached while she had her ear infections. We're not sure if it was fatigue from the fever or if the Motrin reduced her teething pain along with her fever or if it was just a coincidence, but whatever it was, we're grateful for it because it's allowing us to sleep almost through the night.

Previously, she was up every two or three hours, but now she sleeps five or six hours at a time. Even though she probably doesn't need it because of all the solid food she eats now, Mama still nurses her once in the night, mostly for everyone's comfort.

And about that solid food...Jewel is more adventurous in some ways than 3B was. She loves the arancino and pizza at Pupatella, for example. Then again, 3B used to eat broccoli by the fistful and now...well, not so much with the broccoli.

So, we're hoping that after she's done getting ear infections from them that Jewel will use her teeth to continue chewing a wide array of foods. But first, despite their positive effect on her sleep habits, let's get through those infections first, sweetie.

I'm working to make cancer history. Will you help me?

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  1. My second child was put on a low dose antibiotic because the pediatrician noticed she was getting a lot of ear infections. I noticed that every time she got one, aha, a new tooth. He assured me the two were not related. Yeah, right!!

  2. Mama's brother got an ear infection with every new tooth, including his 12-year molars. The docs didn't believe Grammy either, but we know better.

  3. the back-and-forth tooth thing used to make me nuts.

    may you guys get through the ear infection, the diarrhea that often accompanies the antibiotics (which, maybe you're giving her, mayber you're not..and maybe you guys are some of the lucky few that don't get the nasty antibiotic diarrhea...), and may the tooth pop through & not bite any of you.

  4. We seem to have made it through the ear infection (knocking on wood), the diarrhea (yes, we always get it with the antibiotics), but there's no sign of the new tooth. Those that are there, however, have bitten us. Good times. This too shall pass.