Saturday, June 05, 2010

Thank goodness for large blessings too

Earlier this spring, we were blessed with a visit from almost all of my sister's family. While we missed seeing Uncle H, we got to hang out with Cousin D during her first college spring break. Then my sister, California Girl, and her son, Cousin P came during his spring break, which overlapped for a few days with Cousin D's break, so we had them all here for a bit.

Also in there, my brilliant cousin stopped by on her way back from Spain to meet Jewel. Any more family and someone would have had to sleep in the toy chest.

But, we all fit in nicely and had a great time together. It was delightful for us Bradsteins to reconnect with family. Mama and I really got to know our niece and nephew better, and 3B and Jewel loved playing with their cousins.

It was fun to hear how Cousin D was having fun in college and looking forward to her summer job in a national park. Mama and I both worked in a national park--in fact, that's how we met, even though we didn't work there at the same time...but that's a story for another time--and were excited to live vicariously through Cousin D's experience, even if we'd have to wait until the end of the summer to do so, since she'd be beyond the grid and therefore offline for most of the summer.

Unfortunately, all of those expectations and plans were shattered last week when we got news that Cousin D had taken a fall and hurt her back--broken a vertebra, actually.

Fortunately, she wasn't at risk of paralysis, but the injury is still severe and required surgery on her spine to do what all the king's horses and king's men couldn't do for Humpty Dumpty. If that didn't make you hold your breath and clutch your heart for a second, you might not be a parent who can imagine how that must have felt for my sister and her husband.

It does that to me every time I think about it. I'm taking deep breaths right now, just reminding myself to breathe.

The further good news is that the surgery was successful--you can exhale now--and that Cousin D has not only taken several walks in her hospital room and down the hall, but also might be released from the hospital this week. She's still got a long recovery row to hoe, but she's well on her way through the most perilous and painful part.

Thanks to all of you who have answered my sister and niece's calls for prayers--they've been answered. For those of you who want to, you can send some prayers and love directly to them on my sister's blog.

And for those of you who are my nieces and nephews, and who seem to find it amusing to go to the hospital with mysterious aliments that might be an infection, a spider bite or might leave you counting in base-9 for the rest of your life, a message from your Uncle Papa: it's not amusing; please stop. I can't hold my breath for months on end like this.

I'm working to make cancer history. Will you help me?

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  1. For the record, she did say she is done with climbing on roofs. I guess I need to say something on my blog too, so far it has all been email, twitter and facebook updates.

  2. And, as I told you in email, when she comes to visit again, we'll put her on the bottom bunk. Especially since we got rid of the futon that was on the floor under the bunks.