Tuesday, June 08, 2010

This is not my beautiful house

I can't get ahead of myself. I'm a literal guy.

For example, before our kids were born, I was excited, but I couldn't imagine what it would feel like when they arrived. After 3B arrived, I could describe what it felt like, but I still couldn't imagine what it would feel like when Jewel arrived.

I've always been this way, so when I was a little boy, watching my parents, I assumed that when I was 30--no idea if my parents were 30, but that's how old they seemed to me--I would be like them. I'd wear a suit and go to work in an office somewhere. I'd be married to someone--it was a bit vague to me if she'd work outside the home. I figured that my wife would want to, and therefore would, but Mom didn't. We'd have kids.

How little I knew.

It turns out that for awhile I'd wear a uniform to work that Mom said made me "look like a Boy Scout." And on some days at that job, I'd dress up as a bear in blue jeans and a big hat. I am married to someone--but not just anyone. I am married to the most beautiful person, the most compassionate person, the love of my life. We met in Palm Springs, started dating in Madrid, traveled together through Morocco, lived in the Rockies and now Washington, D.C. We have two beautiful kids. My wife not only works, but makes more money than I do--makes sense, she does more important work and does it better than I ever could.

If you told me when I was a boy that any of that would come to pass, I'd laugh until I peed in my pants.

Speaking of which, another thing I didn't picture was this exchange with my beautiful wife:

Mama: I'm putting Jewel to bed.
Papa: What do I need to do?
Mama: Read 3B his stories, brush his teeth, get him a lovie, put him to bed.
Papa: Where is he?
Mama: Taking a crap in his closet.
To clarify, he's still in diapers, so it's not quite as bad as it sounds at first blush. Sort of.

I'm working to make cancer history. Will you help me?

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  1. I am glad you found such a wonderful wife and mother for your kids. I look forward to coming to visit your delightful family again sometime.

  2. I am too. I'm also glad that she has more patience than Job, which allows her to tolerate me...most of the time.

  3. I am so glad you write down some of the wonderful conversations you have with your lovely wife. Did you ever imagine any of these happening?

  4. No, I didn't. I imagined that she would be the brains of the outfit and tell me what to do and I would do it.

    Which is how it works, except I didn't imagine that I'd be so thick-headed and ask so many questions with obvious answers.

  5. I can completely relate to the awe of the lives we've created...and then the SNAP of the humor that goes along with life....

    And the "crap in the closet"....
    Man, have we been there.

  6. Oh---and getting Gage to stop having BMs in his pull up or diaper---definitely ranks up there with some of the hardest tasks we've ever had to complete.

    Happened....finally. Just before he turned...4? Yes. Happened Summer of 2009, right before he started school.

    I hate to inform you---but the whole getting him to wipe himself is going to be a great big task as well.
    Your future is so bright---you're going to need a pair of shades!

  7. We're still having trouble getting 3B to stay in the same room with the potty, much less use it.

    So yeah, it's going to be a long row to hoe for all of us.