Friday, January 28, 2011

Bowl games: Souper and Toilet

My grandmother instructed me to never break my bread or roll in my soup. Obviously, I have failed to pass along the first part of this message to Jewel, but I have so far succeeded in keeping her from rolling in her soup. So far.

About 63 years ago, when we had our bathroom remodeled, y'all asked for pictures. We didn't put the finishing touches on for months, by which time we had a new distraction from taking pictures of the toilet. Now, however, I have a new toy that allows me to easily post not just pictures of the loo, but also moving pictures--in HD, no less. I'm sure this would make Mom proud. Moving ahead, we are.

To celebrate riding 200 miles on his bike, Papa Bradstein is going to roll in his soup and videotape a porta potty.

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