Friday, January 21, 2011

Puking, drowning, waving and blessings

On Wednesday, Jewel was up at 3 a.m., puking in her crib, following in the footsteps of her brother, who had horked at school the day before.

3B's appeared to be a five-minute stomach bug and Jewel's was really just gagging on post nasal drip--yeah, because that makes it more appealing--so everyone appears to be OK in the long term. But still, I could go a long time without washing another sheet or changing another bed.

For the record, however, I can change the bedding on a lower bunk bed in under three minutes...while eating breakfast, making lunch and putting on a Scooby Doo movie. Yes, I'm that good.

But really, while these emissions make for amusing anecdotes now, the week has been like many others. I've spent many a minute trying to determine if I'm drowning or just waving to everyone on shore as I swim out to a deserted island for a nap...and is that a box jellyfish up ahead?

As jarring and irritating as it is to be awakened by a screaming, mucus horking baby who's so angry she's trembling when I pick her up--you're angry, sweetie? you don't have to change the sheets--I do count my blessings that it's just a cold and that it will pass. And as disturbing it is to imagine the horror that throwing up in class must have been for 3B, who can be painfully shy--as in it's truly physically painful for me to watch sometimes as the world bombards him--I also count my blessings that it passed.

And that he has an amazing teacher and preschool staff who cared for him as well as we could hope for anyone to do who isn't us. They made it easier for him to go back, despite being scared that going back to school would make him chunder again.

Hopefully warmer days will be here sooner than later, so we can all get outside and run around a bit. I tried taking 3B out for a bike ride last weekend, but the wind was too cold on his cheeks, so the ride lasted all of about half an hour. I guess this means he won't be accompanying me next week when I finally get back to my 50-minute bike commute. In the dark. Both ways.

But I'll only be getting back to it if we can go two days without anybody puking.

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  1. You’re living on the wrong coast coz, it’s sunny and 70ยบ here. That would perk a pukey munchkin & his dad right up wouldn’t it?

  2. Especially a munchkin who's jonesin' for a beach trip.

  3. Well stick yourself, him, her & the other her on a plane this evening and you can be here by midnight!