Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Yesterday was a good day

I got back on my bike after about two weeks off due to illness--mine and the kids'. Mama got to go to the gym, despite her injured knee. The kids were bathed and fed by the time I got home, so I got to play all evening with them and put them both down while Mama was at the gym. Our cleaning lady came, so I could stop chastising myself for five minutes about how I should be vacuuming or dusting or scrubbing the floors.

Yes, a cleaning lady.

We've been using her for years now, ever since we realized that it was worth it to pay her to do in a few hours what would take us weeks to get to...if we ever got to it. At first, it seemed like a defeat and an extravagance and a hassle, but now it's just a part of our lives. A hassle? Yes, I'm not the first to complain about having to pick up before someone comes in to clean up, but rather than chastise myself, I consider myself the bearer of a great tradition.

We have learned where to focus our efforts, hiding our valuables--and by valuables I mean our plastic pieces and parts, bibs and bobs, widgets and whoozits that we need for all of our variety of sippy cups. Somehow, although we have one cupboard dedicated to sippy cups, these parts get scattered across the kitchen and pantry cabinets by our cleaning lady. It takes us about two weeks to reassemble them all, which is just in time for her to arrive again.

I suppose I should view her as a bodhisattva, teaching me about attachment.

Which I'll get around to as soon as I find that @#$%ing little !@#$%! disk that goes with that other $%^* thing that I can't @#$^#$& find anywhere.

Meanwhile, I'm once again humbled as a parent by everything that Mama can do: get the kids up, dressed, packed up, out the door to two different locations, go to work, pick up the kids, get them bathed and fed, entertain our neighbor and her two-year old who came over to play--all in the time it took me to drag myself to work and back. She is the true master, teaching lessons about patience, compassion and stop pinching your sister #$%^&$%^&*! with grace and humor.

And while bath time is fun with the kids--until the pinching starts--and dinner is a good time to talk--until 3B starts roaming the living room like Cain in Kung Fu--it was nice to be able to do nothing but dance and play until bedtime last night.

Oh yeah, it was a good day.

Papa Bradstein has groove in his heart and and is dancing on his pedals.

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