Wednesday, February 09, 2011

Slurpee in the face

It was 30 degrees and I was riding into a 10 mph headwind. I was simultaneously freezing and sweltering.

As I was reminded this morning, when my toes feel cold when I start, then they don't feel cold, they didn't get warm, they got numb. The same goes for my forehead, cheeks and nose.

However, working to get through that wind raises my heart rate, which raises my core temperature, causing me to parboil inside my windproof layers.

As I was enjoying this ambiance and sprinting behind a line of cars at about 25 mph into this wind, something cold and wet hit my face, as if the driver in front of me had just tossed a Slurpee out his window.

Seriously, dude?

Oh, wait. Snow. That's snow.

That's so much better, of course.

At least I wasn't sweltering anymore.

Papa Bradstein believes that at this rate it will probably snow on his August ride, but that won't stop him.

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1 comment:

  1. I start with cold fingers and warm toes. I finish with warm fingers and cold toes. I wear shoes, but usually no gloves. I never have figured that one out.

    Too bad about the snow. At least it was clean.