Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Can parents do such a thing?

While 3B is in preschool and Jewel is at her babysitter's, Mama goes to her office to work.

And by "her office," I mean "Panera."

It would take Mama too long to drive back to our house and then back again to the babysitter and school to pick up the kids, so after she drops them off, she parks at a nearby Panera until school's out.

She's had many adventures working from a public, and often noisy, place, and often gets glimpses into other parents' worlds that she shares with me. None have been quite as shocking to her at today's, however:

So - in front of me at a table is a mom and a 3 year old. The mom is reading a book. The 3 year old has been happily and silently eating a breakfast sandwich for the past 15 minutes.


The mom is READING A BOOK...the child is silent and content...

If I tried that, within a minute, the sandwich would be on the floor, at least one child would be on the table, and the other would be in the parking lot or in the kitchen of Panera looking for cookies.
As my sister once told me, that's what we get for raising independent and curious kids...which I'm grateful for, but I'm with Mama--reading a book? I didn't know parents did such a thing.

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  1. I'm amazing that mom didn't have strangers coming up to her, asking how she did it!

  2. I believe a documentary crew showed up later to record the moment for posterity.