Wednesday, March 23, 2011

I challenge you to embarrass me

That's me on the left below...and I will wear this picture of myself across Massachusetts and on my training rides...

...but only if I raise $500 in the next week.

And, if you contribute $250 or more, you can get your own jersey with that picture on it to forever mock me with. For only $100, you can put your face--or a loved one's--on my jersey.

It's a real win-win for you: embarrass me and fund a cure for cancer.

And, you know, many thanks to my brother for unearthing this image.

Papa Bradstein is going to ride 200 miles across Massachusetts in two days to help fight cancer. Please support his ride.

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  1. I never knew that you started out life as part of the Amish population. Was this taken during your rumspringa?

  2. Yes. Notice how I'm sporting factory made clothing? It was all so foreign and uncomfortable...oops, got to get back to the horse and plow.