Monday, March 28, 2011

Thanks for embarrassing me

I challenged you last week to embarrass me, and you came through in stunning fashion before the weekend started, guaranteeing my embarrassment by donating over $500 in just a few days to my ride to fight cancer.

As a result, I'll put this picture of myself on the jersey I'll wear on my many training rides and across the state of Massachusetts. Many thanks to you...and especially my brother for uncovering this photo.

I will sublimate my own embarrassment by sharing the pride I have in your generosity with everyone along the route--and thousands line the route and greet us at each rest stop. You'll be as well known across the state of Massachusetts as my Amish face.

Now that my Massachusetts mortification is guaranteed, you only have a few days left to put your own face or the face of a loved one on my jersey.
I'll place the photo of your choosing of anyone affected by cancer on my jersey if you donate $100 or more by March 30.

I'll send you a jersey of your own--if you're not a cyclist, you can give it to a friend or family's also suitable for framing--if you donate $250 or more by March 30.
Last year, photos included
  • cancer survivors
  • children, nieces and nephews of cancer survivors
  • parents
  • grandparents
  • beloved pets--Jewel loves to see the dogs on my sleeves
  • those lost to cancer the field is wide open for the photo you'll send me to wear across Massachusetts, bearing witness to your cancer story. But, as Ron Popeil says, time is running out, so donate today.

A set of knives doesn't come with this offer, but a cure for cancer might.

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