Thursday, June 02, 2011

Climbing the walls to jump into the deep end

Baby Center has this poll that asks whether or not my toddler has climbed out of her crib yet, but I can't complete it because there's no "As soon as she gets down off the top bunk, we'll check that out" answer.

And the bunk climbing hit, like, six months ago? Nine months ago? As soon as she realized there was a ladder is when.

I'm not so worried about the climbing out of the crib--she's climbed up and fallen off most everything else in this house, so I'm pretty sure she'll survive that. I'm worried about what comes after that and before we notice that she's made a break for it.

Then again, so long as she stops short of her brother's escapade during which he climbed out, "changed" his own diaper, and ended up with poop and Vaseline smeared all over his room--while a babysitter was watching him, of course--she's going to have a hard time surprising us.

At this point, I'm more concerned about her affinity for water, which leads to a propensity to run headlong into it until she's, well, over her head in it. Or, if that fails, to just step off the edge of the pool and expect someone to catch her. Or, if that fails, to belly flop into the shallow end and suck in a lungful of water.

She's watched her brother long enough that she knows to hold her nose, but since that prevents her from breathing she, of course, opens her mouth every time she sticks her face in.

Good times.

And you ask why Mama takes her to swim lessons while I take 3B? I'm not as dumb as I look. OK, maybe I am, but it's really just because I called dibs first.

But, most important, both of them love pool time, which makes hot afternoons like we've had all week blissful, especially since I've been home early to enjoy them. Today, we were all reclining on the warm cement while the city pool inspector did his thing and the kids ate ice pops from the freezer and Mama said, "This is the life."

She was right, although I might stay awake for more of the life if I didn't have to keep getting up at 3.30 to make it in for night shift meetings. And even in those moments when we're not soaking up the heat of the sun beside a beautiful pool, looking up at the waving pine trees and wandering clouds, even when we're chasing a toddler down the ramp into the pool at swim lessons, trying to catch her before she launches herself, or cleaning poopy Vaseline out of the carpet...this is the life.

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