Monday, July 11, 2011

Me too

We're back from our 10 days in California, and my body is wondering what, exactly, I think I'm doing, forcing it to be vertical at hours of the day that defy credibility.

It might be easier to take such a rude awakening if I were only being awakened by Jewel to get donuts and hippo cookies and take a walk around the island to see the big boats. Yes, she's not only speaking in sentences, but stringing them together and adding vocabulary every day.

It started about the time Mama was leaving for Ethiopia with the sentence, "Baby Bella go home," as a neighbor who had come over for a play date was leaving. Since then, we were awakened almost every day in California with a cascade of requests:
Mommy wake up.
Daddy wake up.
Brubie wake up.
Go get donuts.
Go get hippo.
Go get cookie.
Go see big boats.
Her big words recently have been "too" and "come back." We stood watching the ferry traverse the harbor between the island and the peninsula one morning, and every time one went away, she said, "Want big boat come back." That was easy enough to accommodate since its twin was already on its way over from the peninsula. She also kept saying, "Want get on big boat," which was because we had taken the ferry a few days before to get dinner at Ruby's.

And just about everything that Brubie--that's Brother, or 3B to you--gets, Jewel wants too. And since she now knows what "me" means, and uses it all the time along with her name, we end up with lots of requests for "Jewel too" after Brubie asks for something, or "Jewel want too," or even simply "me too."

Of course, Mama and I may have only ourselves to blame for that, since our frequent reply to Jewel's hands grabbing our toes from her Pack N Play at the foot of our bed and saying "Want go get donuts" was often "Me too...I want you to go get them and bring them right back to me here in bed."

Somehow, Jewel never got that last part down.

Papa Bradstein eat one donut for each of the 200 miles he will ride across Massachusetts in two days to help fight cancer. Please support his ride.

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