Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Good day with some swordplay

Yesterday was a good day, even if it did involve some swordplay with our neighbor.

Even though it was a crazy busy day at work, I was able to leave on time, which meant that I got home while the sun was still up, surprising everyone. That meant that there was plenty of time to help with dinner, baths, books, bedtime and homework.

All of which went well since there was plenty of time to get through them without rushing. 3B was excited to tell me about music class--Monday's special class is music--during which they got to play maracas, triangles and...my memory fails me here, but a couple of other percussion instruments.

"Do you know why the triangle is an important instrument?"


"Because one little triangle can wake you up."

That would be a nice change from the cacophony of drums, guitars, melodica, and tambourines that usually awaken me on weekends.

After dinner, our next-door neighbor stopped by to visit Jewel. He also plays with 3B, which is a sword with two edges, both of which are razor sharp. Fortunately, the swords that they play with aren't so deadly, although 3B did club our neighbor hard enough with his wooden sword from the Ren Faire that his knee was still hurting today.

Fortunately for our neighbor, we have an array of blades to choose from. Last night was the cutlass vs. the katana. They fought to a draw, both having been dismembered and died several times--definitely a happy ending for all.

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