Friday, October 28, 2011

Communism, capitalism and candy apples

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Tonight we'll carve the pumpkins we picked last weekend with our neighbors. It was a fun trip that started with snacks in the car--you can see the chocolate on Jewel's face from her granola bar in the slideshow. It ended with gravity defying stunts in the bouncie house, and in between was filled with fun.

There was a corn maze, the old road grader, the goats to pet and feed, the chickens to look at and the greens and root vegetables to pick after our picnic at the top of the hill.

3B and Jewel couldn't quite understand why they couldn't drive the new tractor next to the old road grader, since this was a farm, just like the family farm in Vermont...right? So why can't I jump up in the cab and take it for a turn around the fields?

We took a minute a diagrammed for them the differences between communism and capitalism on the back of a corn shuck, after which they broke into discussion groups to discuss the disparities and promise of each model. Then we went and found some rotting pumpkins full of goo to step into.

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