Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Layin' in the cut

For various reasons, such as our trip to Grammy's, I took a month off the bike, which ended yesterday. The rides to and from work were enjoyable and this morning I feel fine, but, of course, any aches and pains usually take two days to appear, so time will tell.

The weather is cool, and when I ride in it's dark enough that I could gaze at the dark side of the moon. But not for too long, since my front wheel got out of true while I wasn't riding and is quite the wobbly goblin now. It's fine with my hands on the handlebars, but I can't ride hands-free for more than a few feet before the shakes set in.

We're all settling back into our routines after our return from Grammy's. 3B's back in the swing of school, getting on the bus every morning. Yesterday, Mama took the kids down to the school to play on the playground and she said that when they arrived, kids from 3B's class burst out of the afterschool program in the building to hug him and play with him. She said it was like he was famous...which I'm sure made our little rock star feel good.

Jewel continues to teach herself to use the potty. Sometimes. Or not. She is as headstrong as her brother. Or father. Or mother. But unlike her brother, who only started using the potty after what one might call a concerted effort by Mama--or what Mama might call an epic one-day battle royale--Jewel is determined to learn to use the potty. Also unlike her brother, Jewel will accept some help and the presence of people while she's using the potty. Sometimes. Or not.

Seriously, how did these kids get to be so stubborn? Can't they just do things my way?

Ah, yes, we're all back in the groove.

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