Friday, October 07, 2011

What's going down up north

While Mama and the kids are at Grammy's, Jewel has once again achieved a first out of my sight. And, in this case, out of my smell.

A year or so ago, when they were at Grammy's, Jewel took her first steps on her own. By the time I arrived, she was off to the races, practically running everywhere she could, and hasn't stopped since. This time around, she pooped in the potty for the first time. Twice in one day.

Where was she when we needed a role model for 3B?

Prior to this trip, she had been increasingly interested in using the potty, mostly to be like her brother and sort of to be like mommy and daddy. We were nudging her along, commenting every time that she pooped that she could soon do this in the potty. We also noted every time we changed her diaper, a process that she usually wasn't too fond of, that when she started pooping in the potty, we wouldn't have to do that anymore. And, of course, she could see her brother doing it, and what brother has, she wants.

I think this is why she no longer sits in her booster seat, although she still needs to sit on a low stool in a regular dining room table chair to be able to reach her food. She doesn't care that it's precarious and perilous, so long as it's like what brother is doing.

And it can't be that perilous since she stands and jumps on the stool. Except it still is.

And so, like sitting on a chair like brother's, she started sitting on the potty like brother. She had been following people into the bathroom and sitting on her little potty while they used the big one, and then one day she announced that she had to poop and was going to sit on the potty. Mama and I were a bit surprised, since, based on our experience with 3B, we didn't know that kids could potty train without a fight and before they applied for college.

Off she ran, down the hall, closed the door behind her, and sat on the potty. Yes, wearing her diaper, but one thing at a time. Speaking of which, I went down to check on her and asked if she'd like the lights on. "Yes. Thank you."

And she's already more polite than people five times her age...what more do you want?

This went on all week before Mama and the kids went to Grammy's, and appears to have continued at Grammy's. Thanks to her brother, Jewel also already prefers to poop behind closed doors and not be bothered until she's completely done. When I arrive at Grammy's, I'll have to see how well that's working now that she's pooping with out the Pampers safety net. 3B was old enough when he started doing it that he was fully capable of wiping and washing his hands before emerging., not so much. Yet. But who knows what she'll have learned by the time I arrive? Perhaps she will have mastered Capa Ferro by then.

If her Uncle Zappa (no, of course that's not Mama's brother's real name, just his nom de blog) plays swords with her, she certainly will have mastered it, and possibly Agrippa as well, since she apparently lives and dies by his word. Mama says it's very amusing how taken Jewel is with Uncle Zappa: "Look at me, Uncle Zappa. Look at my eye, Uncle Zappa. Look at my knees, Uncle Zappa. Look at my mouth, Uncle Zappa."

Mama says that Jewel spends the day showing off for her Uncle Zappa, which makes my heart ache with happiness for both of them.

But before they practice their swordplay, they might have to build a snow fort to defend themselves. Yes, snow fort. OK, no, there's not enough snow for that, but Mama said that they did get a skiff of snow yesterday, just a few momentary whirls of white, but still...snow.

Of course, Grammy's house is north of the Arctic Circle (OK, not really...but yes...but not really...but yes...), so your mileage may vary, but winter is coming down...and up at Grammy's in a tangible, if fleeting, way.

Jewel has stopped needing outdoor diaper changes just in time.

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