Tuesday, November 01, 2011

Halloween is Independence Day, and our girl must make her way on Independence Day

Last night was, of course, Halloween. It was a night when, in Mama's words, Jewel "really came into her own."

Except, of course, she's been into her own for some time now. Who made our kids so independent and strong-willed anyway?


3B had a blast, as always, with one of his best friends from preschool, who he's known since birth. 3B calls his friend's mom Auntie and his friend calls Mama the same. Mama and I had a blast, as always, with 3B's friend's parents, even though our conversations were constantly cut off and unfinished as we tried to keep our herd of cats together.

3B's friend has a younger brother, but he's older than Jewel, so she was really on her own, but that didn't bother her a whit. It was as if she'd been rehearsing what we told her about Halloween for weeks when she marched up to the first house--through the animated graveyard, under the swinging ghost--held out her plastic pumpkin and said, "Trick or treat!"

And at every house along the way after that.

She was such a pro that by the time we were leaving, her pumpkin was heavier than 3B's--although that was due, in part, to the fact that Jewel wasn't making a withdrawal for every deposit, as her brother was. It was so heavy that it threatened to capsize her as she walked up driveways and steps to front doors, and I kept asking if I could carry it for her.

"No. I got it."

Of course you do, sweetie.

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