Thursday, January 12, 2012

We've got both kinds of breaks...

As you know, our Christmakwanzukkah break ended with a bad break. That's had us in a tailspin for the last week or so, with Mama and Jewel staying with Grammy on the farm and 3B staying down here in Dixie with me so he could get to school.

Today, Mama, Jewel, Grammy and Aunt D caravanned up to the doctor who will operate on Grammy's ankle to repair it and allow her recuperation to begin in earnest. Jewel has been a trooper throughout the napless days, sleepless nights and countless miles of driving she's been along for. Of course, she's with her favorite women in all the world, so she's bound to be happy.

Driving up over the Green Mountains today, however, Jewel turned white as a sheet and reported that her stomach hurt so Mama screeched to a halt and let Jewel out to get some fresh air. After that, she was fine for the rest of the trip and tomorrow she and Mama will fly home, getting back here just in time to meet 3B as he gets off the school bus.

We hope.

If we miss him, perhaps the principal could drive him home as he did yesterday. It wasn't a bad thing, it was just the first day in the new term that 3B's school had after school activities, and the bus never showed up to take kids home from. Most of the kids in his school can walk home, but 3B's a kindergartner, and we live across a street that's considered too busy for elementary school kids, much less a kindergartner, to cross alone.

Of course, the school tried calling to explain. Of course, they called my home phone. Of course, I was in the lobby waiting for 3B with my cell phone.

And, of course, this was the first day that we had ever put 3B in an after school activity--p.e., for what it's worth. They played freeze tag and tagged each other with pool noodles. Can I be five again?

So, I didn't know how late was late in this new schedule and by the time I called, I was told that 3B was in the principal's car, headed my way. For a boy who loves his routines when it comes to transitions, he was a champ, laughing and marveling about it. It helped that the neighbors made a big deal about it in the lobby and elevator as we went back home. He's also a boy who loves an audience.

Speaking of audiences and school, I get to be in the audience tomorrow when 3B receives his third award. At the first award ceremony, he got two awards: one for greatest improvement, for his handling the transition to school better, and the second for good citizenship, which is awarded to kids who do enough good things throughout the term to earn points for the award. He can only get the improvement award once in a year, so getting the one award at this ceremony is the most he can do.

Also...awards programs for kindergartners?

But no, I'm not going to miss it either, especially since Mama and Jewel will still be up north. We are so proud of 3B for growing through the tears and breakdowns and fights over taking lovie to school during the first two weeks, and also for being a good citizen. I'm often not sure, based on his accounts of his school day, just how good he was, but he seems to earn the points somehow. Who knows? Perhaps he washes his teacher's car on his lunch hour.

Whatever it is, I'll have to learn from him, since I talked my boss into letting me telework this week so that I could be get 3B onto and off of the school bus. And we'll have to deploy 3B's tactic together when Mama comes home and finds that we never really put away any of the new toys from Christmas.

Not that she'll really care--she'll be glad just to be home. And we'll be glad to have her back and to know that Grammy's in good hands. It would be better if we could be with Grammy, but Mama's brother will take over now that Mama's back here, so it's all still in the family.

Which is a good break.

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