Thursday, February 09, 2012

I challenge you to embarrass me...again

That's me on the left below... and I will wear this picture of myself across Massachusetts and on my training rides...

...but only if I raise $500 in the next week.

At the same time you embarrass me, you'll honor my uncle, who is standing next to me in that photo. He died far too young of cancer--mesothelioma--but with your support he can still ride with me.

You'll also do his daughter, my brilliant cousin, the honor of being able to again put her father onto my jersey, which she designs pro bono each year.

But wait, there's, seriously, there's something in it for you. The more you give, the more you get...

Get your own jersey to forever mock me with if you contribute $250 or more.
Or, put your face--or a loved one's--on my jersey if you contribute $100 or more.

It's a real win-win for you: embarrass me and fund a cure for cancer.

And, you know, many thanks to my brother for unearthing this image.

Papa Bradstein will ride 200 miles across Massachusetts in two days to help fight cancer. Please support his ride.

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