Monday, February 27, 2012

Sneezing, coughing, giving you the shirt off my back

In the week or so since my last installment here, although my brother had an idea that changes everything, not much has changed--3B and I have been sneezing, sniffling and coughing our way through our days. We've been getting as much rest as possible, which I've achieved by staying home on sick days--at first to nurse 3B while Mama worked, and then to nap and nurse myself...also while Mama worked.

By the time I was sick, however, 3B had been to the doctor, who diagnosed a cold with looming ear infections. Given that his fever was already climbing over two days, which has always led to raging ear infections in the next day or two, Mama and I opted to give him antibiotics to avert the same outcome this time.

He has bounced right back. Sort of. Slowly. The infection symptoms--fever and lethargy--went away quickly, but the cold has lingered, as has mine. I've spent as much time resting as I could in our phone booth sized house with a two-year-old and a five-year-old running around. Some of that time I spent catching up on thank you notes to my PMC donors, who've given over $1,300 so far.

I let them know of my brother's idea, which is that not everybody wants to show their support for fighting cancer by strutting around in a skintight spandex shirt with three pockets across the back. As a cyclist, I can't imagine why that is, but I'll take his word for it, and so I'm now offering to anyone who gives $125 a Team Bradstein t-shirt, which will also be designed by my brilliant cousin.

I sprung this offer on her as she was walking down the jet bridge to board a flight to Holland, so she really couldn't say no. This also means that we haven't quite sorted out what the shirt will look like yet, but she's a professional artist, so I'm pretty sure it won't look like a two-year-old attacked it with 64 offense to my beautiful Jewel...which is what it would look like if I were to design it.

As soon as I have an idea of the design, I'll post it here, but in the meantime, you can now
honor anyone affected by cancer and get a t-shirt for a $125 donation, 100 percent of which goes directly to cancer research and patient care. Donate today.
Every donation I get makes me feel better than a shot of Robitussin, and that's saying a lot.

Papa Bradstein will ride 200 miles across Massachusetts in two days to help fight cancer. Please support his ride.

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