Friday, March 16, 2012

I put my neck on the line, you get a t-shirt

Bradsteins at Papa's office.
Update: Deadline extended to May 21. See below for details.

3B's had a rough go these last few weeks, with one virus after another laying him out with a fever, cough and congestion. Jewel hasn't escaped the season unscathed either, going through strep throat and other rounds of sniffles. It's to be expected with kids, but what I didn't expect was how they would respond to each other.

At two and five years old, they have showed tremendous compassion to each other. What stands out in my mind now are the moments when Jewel has brought 3B his lovie to comfort him when he's been laid out in his bed, sweating, in the grips of a raging fever, unable to summon the energy to even lift his head. However, 3B has been no less caring of his sister--yes, sometimes it's in his own fierce way, but that fiery bloom springs from the same root.

Before you think I'm taking credit for these little lamas, I'll tell you that I know this is the result of their spending their days with Mama while I'm at work. They're my bodhisattvas, trying to teach me about compassion. Again. And again.

Fortunately, they're more patient than they appear. Or they're just as stubborn as I am.

And the hope they give me for the future is amplified by the hope I get from your generosity in supporting my ride to support cancer patients, their doctors and the researchers who are daily finding new treatments and even cures for cancers.

I know that, like Jewel and 3B, what moves you to help others is your own goodwill, but I want you to know that there are rewards other than that for you.

Time is running out on one of my most popular rewards while another is just beginning. If you give a total of (can be spread over multiple donations)
2011 jersey, click to enlarge
$100, you can put a face on the fight against cancer by placing a picture on my jersey. This is one of the most popular rewards, but time is running out. You need to donate and get me the picture before April 1 May 21 to ensure it makes it onto the jersey. Donate today.
$125, you can not only place a picture on my jersey (if you donate before April 1), but also get a t-shirt custom designed by my brilliant cousin, who also designs my jersey. This is a new reward this year, since not everyone wants to wrap themselves in spandex, which brings us to the penultimate reward... Donate today.
$250, you can place a picture on my jersey (if you donate before April 1), get a t-shirt and get a jersey of your own. To get a jersey of your own, your donation can arrive later than April 1 (final deadline not set yet), so you could donate $100 now to get a picture on the jersey, then the remaining $150 later to get the jersey. Donate today.

And then the big reward...if before June 1 this year I raise another
  • $2,000 - I will shave my beard.
  • $2,500 - I will shave my beard and head.
  • $3,000 - I will shave my beard, head and legs.
 Donate today.
And yes, I will again post a video of the shearing here for you to enjoy watch. Remember that you will be making my mom happy while you embarrass me. Also, I will keep shaving through the PMC in August, so here's your chance to make me suffer not just on the bike, but everywhere I go, for months.

To give you an idea of how it goes for me after I shave, when I walked into work the day after shaving last year, the first reaction I got was, "Did you lose a bet?" That was followed immediately by, "Were you at a frat party this weekend?"

Perhaps I need to bring 3B and Jewel to work to demonstrate compassion.

Papa Bradstein will ride 200 miles across Massachusetts in two days to help fight cancer. Please support his ride.

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