Monday, April 30, 2012

Frankie says...

What did Mama and I do without the kids for 24 hours? Pretty much the same thing we did on our honeymoon.

That's right, we lay in bed and read books.

Why? What were you thinking?

OK, we did do other things on our honeymoon like lie on the red sand beach and read books. And lie on the white sand beach and read books. Of course we rode our bikes around too. Oh sure, we also went out to eat and drink. And drink some more. And send some drunken, kids, there was no twitter back then. Oh the horror, right?

At any rate, this weekend was wonderful. We went to a wedding of a friend and colleague and decided to stay overnight after the reception, so the kids got a sleepover with their babysitter, which they were psyched about. The wedding was beautiful, and they even got all their photos in before the rain came.

And then Mama and I got to sleep in...all the way until 8. Seriously, if you'd told me when I was 16 that I'd consider sleeping until 8 a.m. sleeping in, I'd have punched you in the face. But now, anybody who lets me sleep in until 8 is on my Christmas card and birthday party lists.

While we were driving back home, we realized that we felt a little strange. Maybe we'd slept too long? Perhaps three whole drinks at the reception was too much? What if finishing a chapter in one sitting was too much for our brains? Maybe it was allergies? A spring cold? Avian flu?

And then we figured it out: we were relaxed.

No wonder we didn't recognize the feeling; it has been almost six years since we last felt it. Fortunately for us, the kids immediately recognized our discomfort and within the first two minutes in the car erased that feeling entirely.

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